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Personify Financial Personal Loans Reviews

Paying for emergency repairs, medical costs, or other unannounced financial troubles might not be possible for everyone in 2023. The darker times of 2020 witnessed many people lose their financial stability, health, and security. This has made it harder for most to get back on their feet.

As the dust settles, more and more people are regaining their footing and working hard to go beyond just making ends meet. They are setting up businesses that contribute to an ever-growing economy. In fact, these are the people that can put the country together piece by piece.

However, sudden financial burdens can significantly impact their progress. They chip away at past growth as they work to fulfill their emergency costs. Here is where Personify Financial steps in, supporting you so you can get back on your feet immediately!

A Bite-Sized Review

Personify Financial takes it upon itself to support its clients with fast short-term installment loans.

Personify Financial loans are great if you;

  • Are looking for a loan to pay off in the shorter term.
  • Need to fulfill an emergency expense.
  • Have bad credit.

Personify Financial’s loan terms may not be suitable for you if you:

  • You are unable to repay the loan in a shorter period or in the mentioned installments.
  • You are looking for a long-term solution.
  • You don’t have sufficient income to pay back the installments.

About Personify Financial Loans

Personify Financial doesn’t connect with online lenders; it does all your work for you by being an online lender. Its lending services offer a loan option to borrowers with a bad credit history. However, it is not a long-term solution and must be avoided if you are looking to fund long-term finances.

  • Personify Financial has an APR of 19% to 199.99%, depending on your loan and other factors within the application.
  • It allows you to borrow up to $15,000 (terms and conditions apply).
  • It is available in 25 states.
  • Personify Financial allows you to repay your loan within 12 to 48 months, depending on your repayment terms.

Remember that late payment might incur a penalty, so set your reminders or turn on auto-payment to avoid hiccups.

Why Us?

Personify Financial can help you meet your emergency expenses by allowing you to;

  • Borrow money without having an excellent credit history: Personify will evaluate your candidacy based on other factors and might not reject your application just because of your credit history.
  • Get fast cash into your account by the next business day: Personify will allow you to receive the cash fast as it deposits funds into your account in 1-2 business days after your application is approved.
  • Work around your payday: Personify allows you to pay to keep your convenience in mind. It carefully reviews your bank account statement and analyzes your payday before filling in your repayment dates. Personify will also notify you when your installment is due so that you can avoid the penalty.
  • Get the best customer service: Personify agents are there to answer all your questions and solve all issues around the clock. Their team is knowledgeable and respectful of your queries, so you can always expect them to be there for you!
  • Personify allows you to access their easy application, which helps you fill out the forms and get to your cash must faster!

Word of Advice

Personify Financial doesn’t claim to solve long-term financial difficulties. We advise you to visit a financial counselor to work on any credit troubles if you want to improve your score. Keep in mind;

  • Personify isn’t for everyone: The loans come with higher interest rates, meaning the longer you delay payment, the more expensive the loan will get. We recommend another option if you cannot pay your installments in time.
  • Personify will charge a penalty fee for late payments: Ensure you set auto-payment or reminders to send payment before it is too late.

How to Apply

If you have decided to apply for an installment loan, Personify Financial is your best bet. There is no better time to apply as fulfilling emergency expenses should come before anything else. Follow the steps below for a smooth journey through the process;

  1. Visit the Personify Financial homepage and click on “Apply” to navigate to the application.
  2. Insert your ZIP code and click on the button that directs you to Loan Offers.
  3. Fill in the required information and submit your application.
  4. The portal will show you multiple loans offers that display different APRs, installments, and amounts. Select one.
  5. Log into your personal bank account and follow the steps as instructed by the agent.
  6. Wait for your decision. Your fast cash is on the way!

Who is the Perfect Candidate ?

The perfect candidate for Personify Financial will meet the following requirements;

  • They must have a valid email address to be contacted for further information.
  • They must be a permanent resident of the state in which Personify Financial operates.
  • They must have a valid checking account to receive the deposit.

Personify Financial may not accept your application right away. If they find any discrepancies, they may take some time to review your documents or ask for further proof. Although Personify does not evaluate your application based on your credit history, they may view your credit report anyways.


Working on your credit report should be an ongoing effort that can increase your chances of receiving a loan in the future. A better credit history can help you conquer many issues that may hinder your application otherwise.

Keep in mind that terms and conditions may apply. The details mentioned above might be limited, and the application may reveal further requirements that must be fulfilled before approval.

Personify Financial’s installment loans are an excellent option for short-term requirements that can’t be met through other means due to bad credit history or insufficient opportunities. If you meet the requirements and are looking for a reliable installment loan, Personify is your guy!

We don’t wait for action, we create action. Time is priceless, and we do our best to provide you with fast and sustainable connection with the most respected lenders in the industry.

Have a Questions ?

Here at Personify Financial Loans dot com we offer APR rates ranging from 4.95% minimum to 35.95% maximum. The APR you may be offered depends on different factors, including your personal situation and financial standing. By completing our loan offer form you shall receive details of the APR and full terms of any loan offered to you.

65 days84 months

If you borrow $2,500 over a term of 1 year with an APR of 10% and a fee of 3%, you will pay $219,79 each month. The total amount payable will be $2,637, with a total interest of $137,48.

Personify Financial Loans dot com is not a lender and we cannot predict what fees and interest rate will be applied to the loan you will be offered. It is your lender that will provide all the necessary information about the cost of the loan. It is your responsibility to peruse the loan agreement carefully and accept the offer only if you agree to all the terms. Personify Financial Loans dot com service is free of charge, and you are under no obligation to accept the terms that the lender offers you.

When you accept the terms and conditions for a loan, you enter into a commitment to repay the amount you owe according to the specific schedule outlined in the documents. In the event of non-payment, additional charges may be applied. Late payment penalties vary by lender, and as Personify Financial Loans dot com is not involved in the lending process, we cannot supply any information on the fees you will incur if any default occurs. For more information, please contact the lender directly if you have any issues relating to your loan repayment.

Personify Financial Loans dot com is not a lender and we do not check your credit standing and credit capacity. When you submit a request at our online platform, this is considered a soft inquiry and does not impact your credit score. However, some lenders may carry out a credit check to ascertain your eligibility for a loan. Most likely they will turn to any of the three major credit bureaus (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax) that is in most cases considered a hard inquiry and may affect your credit score.

Personify Financial Loans dot com is not a lender. As such, we are not involved in any debt collection practices and cannot make you aware of any of them. Your lender will specify their collection practices in your loan agreement. If you have any questions regarding the issue, please, address them to your lender. For more information visit our page for Responsible Lending. itself isn’t involved in debt collection.

Loan renewal options are not always available. It is therefore advisable to clarify whether the option is available with your lender. Be sure to carefully peruse the renewal policy presented in the agreement before you sign the documents.

Disclaimer: Personify Financial Loans dot com is not an offer or solicitation to lend. We do not make any loan or credit decisions and are not representatives, brokers or agents of any lender. Participating lenders offer loans from $200 up to $5,000. Not all lenders can offer you amounts up to $5,000. Our service is not available in all states. Submission of a request through this website does not guarantee that you will receive a loan offer or an offer you’ll be satisfied with. Funds transfer time may vary depending on your lender and/or financial institution. If you have any questions about your loan, please contact your lеndеr directly. Credit checks may be performed with the three reporting credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Submission of a request means you are authorizing the lenders to check your creditworthiness and your personal details. This service is not a solicitation for loan products and does not constitute a loan offer for any loan products that are prohibited by state law. This service is void where prohibited.

State Availability: Not all lenders from our system operate in all US states. Residents of some US states may not be eligible for loan products in accordance with their legislation. By selecting your State at the start of our loan offer process, you shall be informed of any limitations regarding obtaining a loan if you reside in individual US states.

This website collects personal information and transfers it to its third-party partners. The website contains links to third-party websites. Accessing them may result in a commission. Please note that personal loans should not be treated as financial cure-it-all. If you have major budget difficulties, consult specialists first.